Night Terrors

Ok, I will be the first to admit it…..I am a scaredy cat! I hear things that go bump in the night, I check and recheck every single door and lock before I go to bed. When I was younger, I used to put weights in front of my door so I could hear my door if it opened even a little bit. ( I did the same thing in college).  I am the girl who hears about an escaped convict on tv and will wonder how far away they actually are from me, and how long it would take for them to get to me!

Yep, scaredy cat…. That’s me!

So you would think that as an adult I would have a little bit of sense right, and not watch things that would freak me out and keep me from getting even a little bit of sleep? Nope not me! I watch all types of shows that keep me  up at night,  worried if one of those crazy things is going to happen to me next.

I Should Not Be Alive, The First 48, I Survived, and I Almost Got Away With It, are all reality tv shows that deal with all types of crazy people who have escaped, killed, and could quite possibly kill again if given half a chance!  Which makes it even worse. These are real people out in the real world, who could quite possibly get out again and commit more crimes!

Criminal Minds, although not real is just as scary and sends my mind into overdrive! I spend most of the night freaking myself out and the rest of the night praying for my family’s safety from the freaks out in the world!

You would think I would learn! But I am fascinated by it all….So until I can turn my brain off and go to sleep……

Night Terrors!

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