Battle of the Bulge!

So my battle with the bulge continues on! I workout everyday on the  Zumba Wii, I set it up so that there is a set workout plan, which alternates the workouts between 20 minutes and 45 minutes everyday. I started out really good! I mean I was on it. Sweating my way through each workout and feeling so proud of myself when I completed a workout, in spite of the efforts of my kids to throw me off my game. I swear every time I started the workout my daughter had 50/11 questions and my son would choose that moment to jump off of a chair, or maybe play in the fireplace.

Then my baby boy got sick, and was waking up all times of the night. I would still get up and do the workout, but I could only get through 20 minutes of a 45 minute workout. Some days I would try to talk myself out of working out. I have every excuse in the book, I start everyday with good intentions, but somewhere along the way I fall short. I even go as far to tell myself that even God needed a day of rest, but I give myself credit that I have not quit all together.


I will not stop…

I will lose weight…..

I will not stop…..

I will lose weight!

At least that is what I keep telling myself!


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