My daughter, my precious, sweet, delicious little girl is a certified chatterbox! She can have 15 million conversations with you back to back in 20 seconds, with no pauses, no gaps,and no breaths are taken at all, ever! Sitting quietly and being quiet are not  concept that Jada understands.

It is virtually impossible following her train of thought. All you can really do is try to keep up,  while hoping for the best, and in the end hope that you both end up in the same conversation.


Jada: Mommy guess what?

Me: What Jada?

Jada: Did you see that?

Me: See what Jada?

Jada: Did you know (insert anybody’s name here) is my best friend?

Me: Really Jada?

Jada: Did you know that the sky is blue?

Me: Ok Jada.

Jada: Did you see that cloud?

Me: There are lots of clouds Jada.

Jada: The one that looks like a donkey, banana, pie, cat!

Me: Really Jada, where is that?

Jada: Geez mommy, you have to use your imagination?

Me: I am Jada, I

Jada: Mommy did you know that?

Me: Know what Jada!

Jada: What I just said! Mommy are you listening to me?

And that is how every conversation with my lovely chatterbox goes!

♥  Oh how I luv that girl!

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