It’s War!

Awww….. Spring is here! Flowers are blooming, the grass is greener, the world is bright and sunny again!  And along with spring comes the decades old rivalry that has torn my family apart!


For others baseball brings about joyous memories of families sitting in the park, rooting for their team! Not mine! For the Sanders Family it brings out the dark side of baseball!

Cubs vs White Sox!


Battle lines have been drawn!

Sides have been taken!

For as long as I have been alive this war has raged on. I remember my grandaddy ( a die-hard White Sox Fan) calling the house to trade insults with my brothers about the Cubs. Reverend Ike (u know who you are) took his grandaddy side along with my dad and his Uncle Woody, and Mark & Nate along with my momma and Jerms  have been Cubs fans from the start! Now decades later the babies have been drawn into the battle along with husbands, cousins and any friends that dare darken our door.

Gifts from a family member rooting for the opposing team have been sent back or thrown out. Cute little outfits go to waste, cause and I quote my baby aint gonna wear that mess from (insert opposing team name here!) Hats have been thrown on the floor and kicked when they looked like they might support the other side!  It is a hot ghetto mess around here come baseball time!

You have got to pick a side! There are no maybe’s, no wishy-washy back and forth. Either you are a Cubs fan or a White Sox’s fan.  You rock your colors and you sing the fight songs(Jada can rock the Cubs song like nobodies business). It’s the blue and red vs the black and grey.  You spit your stats like they are your kids birthdays, and you  argue for your team like it is going out of style!

So who do you root for?

♥ Jacquie

 PS: Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go! Hey Chicago whadda ya say? The Cubs are gonna win today!

One thought on “It’s War!

  1. Nate Sanders November 23, 2011 at 3:55 pm Reply

    Spoken… i mean written like a true writer…

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