Conversations with Jada part Deux!

So we are on our way to my mother’s house, Jada is talking as usual then Jada sees a bus on the street in front of us and the conversation I did not even know we were having went completely downhill after that!

Jada: Momma do you see that yellow school bus?

Me: Yes, Jada

Jada: We rode on one of those today to go serve the city.

Me: That is great… ( i start turning up the radio, she starts talking louder)

Jada: Did you know that mama?

Me:  Yes Jada, I

Jada: Mama did you know that? No wait it was blue with yellow windows, did you know that mama?

Me: No Jada, you just told me.

Jada: But I just told you mama!

Me: Okay Jada

Jada: I was the first to hug the people and shake their hands.

Me: What are you talking about?

Jada: Mama you should probably listen better.

Me: Jada

Jada: I can’t hear over the wind coming through the windows.

Me: Jada, I

Jason: QUACK!

After that I was done…….

♥ Jacquie

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