More Conversations with JadaBear

Jada: Hey Momma
 Me: Yes Jada?
Jada: Do you remember when I wore pink?
Me: umm you are wearing pink right now….
Jada: Not today momma the other time……
Me: You wear pink a lot so I am…
Jada: Hey momma
Me: Yeah Jada (while I bang my head against the headrest)
Jada: I still don’t know how to spell my middle name
Me: Ok it is N -I-C-H-O-L-E….
Jada: Oh cause people were calling me Jada Bella cause they thought my middle name was Bella
Me: Who was calling you Jada Bella?
Jada: Nobody
Me: So what are you talking about ?
Jada: Hey momma……
Me: I give up, please no more….

(in the background Mookie is yelling no go right there, right there, I don’t want to go to schooool.)


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