My son, Mookie,  has made it his life goal to come up with new and interesting  ways to get rid of the food he no longer wants to eat.

First, he would just throw the whole plate, food, forks, napkins, all of it in the trash and walk away yelling I’m done! (You don’t realize what he has done until it is too late, and now you (meaning me) has to fish  plates and forks out of the trash).

Then, he would dump the plate in the sink, just in case you caught him trying to dump the plate in the trash, he would high tail it to the sink and dump the whole plate, food and all, into the soapy water. (Momma loves washing dishes with food swimming in the water)

Next up, he would stuff as much food as possible in his mouth, run to the bathroom and spit it in the toilet, come out of the bathroom and say that he threw up, come back to the table and try it all over again. (This method can be shut down quickly if and only  if the bathrooms are occupied, or if one of us stands over him threatening his sweet little life).

This last one though takes the cake, he waits until all  the grownups in the house are occupied, takes the part of the vacuum cleaner that holds all the dirt off of the vacuum, dumps his whole plate of food into the container and puts said container back onto the vacuum cleaner. (the only reason I know this is because I caught him in the act, when he saw me coming he immediately took off running for the hills).

He has made dinner time quite entertaining, most of it is funny….alot all of it gets him put in lockdown.

I will give credit where credit is due, because the boy does come up with some pretty clever ways of not eating his dinner, but lawd have mercy he is driving me crazy… Because after all this, 20 minutes later he has to come find me to let me know that he is still hungry.

Good times people… good times!

P.S. I also live with the town crier, who makes it her BUSINESS to tell everything her brother does, so far she has failed the mention the above activities stating that she does not EVER see anything, even though he is usually sitting right next to her at the table or by her seat on the floor…. 

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