Dance Jam & Cardio Kickboxing Calorie Burn


Today started off slow, I actually had no intention of working out today.  I actually planned on doing absolutely NOTHING! It was Saturday, I was tired and cranky, my kids were getting in my nerves, I woke up to late, I ate a big breakfast…

All excuses, which leads to no results, and to an unhappy me.

So I got up, put my workout clothes on and turned on FIT TV. First up was Dance Jam. This is supposed to be a 42 min cardio aerobic workout. What it really was, was a skinny chick throwing out some complicated dance moves that I did not feel like learning or doing. Plus she was too perky and getting on my nerves, so after 15 minutes of that I decided to try something else.

Next up was the Cardio Kickboxing Calorie Burn. This is kickboxing, punching, and cardio, all rolled up into one! I mean this lady was about the business. She kept an even pace, was not all over the place, and worked my body to the core! I mean every part of my body hurts. From my shoulders to my thighs every move worked a muscle.

The only problem was my kids. My 28 minute workout took close to 40 minutes thanks to Mookie and Bear. Every 5 minutes, I had to pause to break up fights, pause to put colored folks in time out, and pause for bathroom breaks. (because apparently those two can’t go to the bathroom by themselves on a Saturday!)

All in all in the words of Ice Cube, today was a good day!

♥ Me!

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