Other People’s Kids

At the park sometimes get on my nerves. Okay, I will be the first to admit that I am a park snob. I try to go to parks where there are little to no kids running around because really, who wants to be bothered with a bunch of bad seed kids running around acting like they own the park, while their parents sit on the sidelines doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Yesterday, we had to deal with a little girl who refused to do anything for herself. She kept walking up on me like she was gonna do something, telling me, not asking me to push her on the swings, and make her go faster like Jada. I kept trying to explain to the little girl that Jada was swinging her legs back and forth to go faster on the swing. That little girl was not having it. When I would not do what she asked for the 115th time she looked me up and down like I was short, and stomped off. Where was her momma you ask? Oh she was two swings over, talking on her cell phone! Yeah, you read that right on her cell phone. Hey lady, I did not come to the park to watch your kids!

Then, there were the four kids at the park with no adult supervision at all. In shorts and tee shirts no less. I mean, I know it was nice yesterday, but it was still December. They were all under 10 years old, and one of them was a short person in diapers. Really? Are you really sending your kids to the park by themselves these days when they are not even old enough to wipe their own noses! Come on man, we have got to do better. The two younger kids were climbing up the slide, and had the nerve to get mad when a kid wanted to actually slide down the slide. (the nerve of those kids wanting to play on the slide the correct way) Then the two older kids decided it would be a good idea to swing sideways on the swings and bump into each other. That may have worked out perfectly for them, if the park had been EMPTY! They are soooo lucky I was the one sitting in the swing next to them and not one of my kids and I was able to catch the swing when it came sideways again, or there would have been a fight on the playground yesterday. I’m just saying.

Last, but certainly in no way, shape or form the least was the lovely  lady who dropped her two boys off at one end of the bike trail and made them run all the way around to the park while she sat in her car eating candy.  (blank stare) Then when they finally made it to the park, she drove yes drove, a whole three feet down to the other end of the park and waited in her car while they did laps.

Great parenting yesterday people, I tell ya, great parenting!



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