Snow Day Workout

Well a unofficial snow day workout. School was in, I just have a serious problem with driving in the snow, down streets that have yet to be cleared off. I’m just saying.


Since yesterday was an EPIC FAIL (said in the loud booming voice that echos throughout the room) I thought I would double up today and get two workouts in. I started with a repeat from earlier in the week called Cardio Kick. It was still a good workout, and I was kicking a little higher today than I was two days ago. (OH YEAH)  I had the offbeat music and my kids screaming at the top of their lungs for background music.

Next up was the Upper Combo with Cathy Syphers. The description says this workout is supposed to teach you how to combine exercises involving multiple body parts to turn me into one efficient calorie burning super machine. What that really means is that is a 20 minute upper body workout with weights. We worked all the muscles in the arms (I was going to try to name each one, but I can’t remember all the different muscles and I definitely can’t spell them all). We combined curls with the shoulder press, and the shoulder press with moves that worked the muscles in the top of your back along with your abs. Then we moved to the floor and worked the shoulders with the abs by doing sit ups with a shoulder press and weights, and the abs with the triceps, and the triceps and the abs with a shoulder press. (Confused, yeah me to, but somehow it all worked). She threw me for a loop with the push ups. You were supposed to get into push up position with the weights in your hands, do a push and then a row on each side. The push-up were a little easier to do because I had the weights as a base, but yeah they were still hard and I only made it through one set. She followed that up with another round of push ups and the plank, but my arms were shaking so bad by that time that I just laid on the floor and looked her until she decided it was time to stretch it out.

The kids did not spend a whole lot of time fighting today, mainly because in the middle of my workout I turn around to see that they have tied a workout band to the bookshelf and were popping the bands at each other to see who got hit first. They got sent to their rooms after that one. (what that really means is that they stood in the window in Mookie’s room and yelled “Mom, mom, mom are we done yet, can we come back out and play”.)

Today was a good workout day and I managed to do 40 minutes without falling out on the floor. I think I am ready to up the workout time to 40 minutes everyday.



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