Quick Fit

I did not feel like doing any type of exercise today. I was annoyed that I had just spent the whole morning cleaning my five-year olds room. I mean seriously it was like a health hazard in there! This child hears clean your room up, and throw your trash in the garbage, and in her mind that translates to push everything under the bed, cause momma won’t find it there.

Good Times.

I made a choice to workout even though I did not want to, because I know me, and I know if I miss one day it will throw me completely off and then I will be skipping days left and right for no reason at all.


I went for some quick fitness today. I wanted to be done as quickly as possible, but still get a good workout in. The Lower Body Advanced Workout with Cathy Sypher was the exercise of choice today. It is a 12 minute workout that focuses on the leg, thighs, and behind. We did a lot of squats with some plyometric jumps, followed by lunges and pulse lunges, followed by some floor work were we did some hip thrusts for the bootay and some leg lifts to work the outer thigh. The workout served its purpose, my  whole lower body hurt when I was done, I broke a sweat, and worked out a few frustrations at the same time.


What I learned today was the shorter the workout, the harder they will work you. They want to get as much in as they can to make you pay for choosing the quick by making sure it is definitely not easy.

Hopefully, I will see results soon…..



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One thought on “Quick Fit

  1. Monica January 17, 2012 at 4:01 am Reply

    You are awesome – keep up the good work and stay focused on your goals. You will appreciate the park more with a healthier outlook. 🙂

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