Just Dance

This week, I will be dancing my blues, and hopefully pounds away!


So I got up this morning, took the kids to school ( we were on time today! yeah), and came home ready to Zumba my stress away on the Wii. 10 minutes later I still had not found the disc and one of my Zumba DVD‘s was cracked. Now I’m frustrated and a little irritated cause that means one of those short people I gave birth to had been messing with my stuff.

So five minutes later I gave up before I lost my mind, and my will to workout. I moved on to Just Dance 2 for the Wii. I love that game so much! I went to the Just Sweat Mode for my workout today. The Just Sweat has three programs: Mild, Tough and Intense. I went with the Intense Program (I had a lot of aggression to work out today). There is a Sweat Gauge that lets you know how hard you are exercising, and it tracks your progress by the week to help you work towards your workout goals. My daily goal is 2000 points, which equals out to about 6 songs depending on hard you move during the song. It also lets you know how hard you are going to sweat during each song. I picked songs that would get me moving and sweating for at last 30 minutes.

Today I danced to It’s Raining Men, Call Me, Proud Mary, Rockafellar Skank, Dagomba, and Hey Ya! I worked it out and left it all on the dance floor, er ummm I mean the family room floor. But it felt good, and I  felt better when I was done.

Tomorrow I am going to stick it on random and see what songs it comes up with for me!



PS. This is also a good way to learn all the moves to the songs, so when you challenge family members to a dance battle on the Wii, you will always win! Oh Yeah!

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