Car Conversations

Jada: Mommy?

Me: Yes  Jada?

Jada: Do you remember Jurassic Park?

Me: Yes?

Jada: When the dinosaur tried to eat the whole town. If that happened here I would never come back to America.

Me: OK….

Jason: GO BEARS!

Jada: Did you know that there are some things left over from the Jurassic Period? Like flowers. The venus fly trap is one of those flowers…

(She then proceeded to give me a lecture about the venus fly trap, I tuned her out, because it was 7:50 am and I did not really care, but because I am the mama I had to pretend, so I said Yes and nodded my head a few times to make it look like I was listening!)

Jason: Mama FOOTBALL! (He is now yelling, and I am doing my best not to bang my head against the steering wheel!)

Jada: Mama can we go see Kenidi?

Me: Not till the summertime…

Jada: That is a long way a way. First comes summer, than fall, then spring and then I will be 8!

Me: Wait, huh? What did you say?


Jada: Oh yeah I will be 6 on January 27th!


Me: Jason, please stop yelling!

Jason: NO! GO BEARS!

Me: Okay we are at school, GET OUT OF THE CAR!

Jada: Mama?

Me: No more talking, GET OUT!

Jason: GO BEARS!

Me: Sigh…


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