Things You May Not Know About Me!

  1. My favorite color is red.
  2. I do not like animals, and they don’t like me.  (I have been chased by birds, dogs, and my grandma’s fish jumped up out of the tank and tried to bite.)
  3. I refuse to sleep in between the sheets on a bed. It freaks me out. ( I can only sleep on the fitted sheet, or I will lose my mind)
  4. I only eat green vegetables. All the other ones taste like their color. (Yes, I know I have issues)
  5. I love, love, love to read. ( I have read every book in my house at least twice and, I will read anything except a newspaper. (the smell gives me a headache)
  6. I need organization in my life or I will go stark raving mad.
  7. I love Tyler Perry movies, tv shows, and plays.(If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right)
  8. I am addicted to purses. Big oversized purses that you can lose a kid in. ( I have a bin or two or three full of purses in my garage – don’t judge me!)
  9. I can only watch scary movies during the day time. And even then I wait two/three years after the movies come out before I even attempt to watch them! (I’m the biggest chicken ever)
  10. I love informericals….If I had money I would own every workout  DVD (shout out to Shaun T), blender, chopper, squeegee thingy on the market.
  11. I love me some Sex and the City and Soul Food. ( I am working on completing both series sets)
  12. My favorite restaurant is On The Border (It’s on the east side of Aurora right in front of Babies R Us if you were wondering)
  13. The only food I can make really well are tacos (beef & chicken), chicken, and hamburgers. (I’m really good at making tacos.)
  14. The only desert I know how to make are whoopee pies. (I just learned how to make those this Christmas)
  15. I have only dated two people in my life. I married the second one.
  16. My favorite old school tv shows are Different World, Living Single, and the Cosby Show. (my daughter knows the words to different world and living single)

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