Zumba Cardio Party

This week I am working out to Zumba, but oh my LAWD I forgot how hard Zumba actually was!

I had been using the Zumba for Wii but it has mysteriously gone missing (side eye at my kids). So it has been months (many, many months) since I actually stuck the Zumba DVD in and worked out.  It became quite evident by the third segment that I have not been working out as hard as I should  have been. I was sweating like I stole something basically after the warm up. By the third segment I was walking around in circles during the breaks, gasping for breath, praying for the dizziness to end.

Trust me when I say, I sweated through the every piece of clothing I had on, but I made it through the whole 50 minute workout, and I am so proud of me!

I will not lose! (Well maybe just these pounds)

I can’t wait for tomorrow. (complete sarcasm)



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