Falling off the Wagon

January 30, 2012

I have a confession to make; I fell of the workout wagon. I mean I fell so hard last week that I bounced down the street a couple of times and knocked myself unconscious. I think I worked out one and half times last week. How do you work out half of the time you ask? Well it is quite simple you start a workout (Zumba) find out half way through that your dang kids have been messing with your stuff AGAIN, and your DVD does not work like it is supposed to, and you get so mad you quit and walk away.

Yeah, I know it is an excuse but I did it now I have to work really hard to get back to where I was before I fell off the wagon.

So today, I worked out to the Michael Jackson Experience for Wii. I so love this game. I am not going to lie, over the weekend one of the kids at Jada’s birthday party beat me on one of the dances, so I am using my workouts to get better cause I don’t lose to kids.   You gotta start them young; let them know that they can’t win everything all the time (especially not on some old school Mike, don’t judge me!).

I jammed to some of the classics (songs before Mike lost some of his melanin) and sweated away some of the mistakes from the past week (physically and emotionally). Below is my workout playlist for the day!

Thriller from the Thriller album

Wanna Be Startin Something also from the Thriller Album

Bad from the Bad Album (soooo during this song they did a move where you kick your leg up, yeah I pulled a muscle in my thigh, so what I’m not as flexible as I used to be)

The Way You Make Me Feel from the Bad Album

Ghosts from Blood on the Dance Floor (I don’t remember this album at all, but I danced to this song anyway because this is the one song them kids always beat me on so I gotta get better, I see some sad kids in the future y’all!)

And last but not least, Workin Day and Night from the Off the Wall Album (Oh yeah, I’m popping my shoulders just thinking about that song. LOVE IT)

Here’s to whooping some kids in a dance off at the next birthday party!



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