Sports Day (Easy)

February 1, 2012

First and foremost that title is sooooo misleading. This workout is by no means easy. Especially if your legs are still HURTING from the day before. Sitting down, standing up and walking in general are quite painful after yesterday’s workout. But I pushed my way through this “easy” workout.  Tomorrow I have got to give my poor legs a break (I fear I may never walk normally again).

Today’s Exercises

Squats 2x( I got it together today, and figured it out, but no normal person can squat down as low as they want you to,  I’m just saying!)

Run-Long (3 laps around the track, (running in place at home) still quite painful since I can’t lift my legs up off of the ground, and the lady kept saying you can do better pick up the pace, and the words TO SLOW kept popping up on the screen)

Serve, Bump & Set (Volleyball where I missed almost every serve, kept bumping the wrong way and can’t set to save a life)

Alternating Side Lunges with Toe Touches 2x (The lunges were enough the toe touches just extra torture)

Jump Squats 2x (I am not gonna lie, I basically jumped went up and down on my toes and moved my arms, my legs were hurting way too much to actually jump!)

Shooting (Basketballs not guns)

Alternating Lunges (Really?)

Jump Lunges 2x(These may or may not have been me just switching my legs back and forth.) I did try a little harder the second time around!

Pitching & Batting (Baseball)

Side to Side Jumps (I’m officially numb beneath the waist)

Back Court & Mid Court (Tennis)

Alternating High Knee Reverse Lunges (Barely made it through, there might have been some loud cussing at this point)

Run & Walk Medium (1.5 times around the track again I don’t know how running is a cool down, cause this just made me sweat more!)

This was supposed top be a 20 minute workout, I completed all 17 workouts in about 30 minutes. Some exercises were harder to do than others. Hopefully, things will get better!

Lawd,  I hope I don’t give up and quit!



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