Upper Body Sculpt &Tone (Easy)

After two days of workouts that had me shaking and walking with the stiff legs, I decided to take a day off and come back today to work on the upper body with the EA Active on the Wii. The workout I chose had  17  upper body exercises that were supposed to sculpt and tone the back and shoulders.  Some of these exercises probably would have been more effective had I not popped the resistance band I was working with. That was really fun especially when I smacked myself in the side of the head with the band!

Today’s Exercises

Alternating Cross Knee Punches 2x

Targets 1 (Boxing)

Standing Twists

Targets 4 (Boxing)

Bent Over Rows with Triceps Kickbacks 2x

Alternating Shoulder Presses 2x

Bicep Curls with Shoulder Press

Targets & Heavy Bag 2

Bicep Curls with Upright Rows

Targets & Heavy Bag 4

Lateral Shoulder Raises 2x

Alternating Bicep Curls 2x

The upper body workout was not that hard, so I decided to follow it up with some aerobic exercises provided by the Michael Jackson Experience. Mookie was home from school today so he picked the songs that I danced to. We were supposed to be dancing together, but he would walk off in the middle of the song, go do is own thing, and then come back and pick the next song.  (He is helpful that way)

They Don’t Care About Us from History

Black or White from Dangerous

Speed Demon from Bad

Sunset Driver from the Ultimate Collection

Money from Blood  on the Dance Floor ( I started this, but did not finish it, it was to slow and was really getting on my nerves).

All in all it was a good workout, and tomorrow will be even better!



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