Caught Up In My Feelings

Today was one of those days that started off badly. My daughter woke me up and 12:30 am because her scarf fell off of her head while she was sleeping. (Really?) Then I had to deal with Mookie who could not stay sleep to safe his life, and was kicking and hitting me all night long! I already had an attitude before I even left the house to take the kids to school!

I get to the bank to make a deposit before the bank opens, and they don’t have any envelopes at the ATM machine. I take the kids to school, and I go back to the bank when it opened at 9 am only for those morons behind the desk tell me that my account at the bank that I have been a member of since I was a freshman in high school was closed! (REALLY!) So then the lady behind the counter had enough nerve to get smart with me! The heifer asked me if I knew my account was closed. (Lady, did you really just ask me that? Would I have really come up to the bank if I had known that the account was closed.) I swear some people need to wear signs that say just how stupid they really are!

So I get home, and I see some things online that really set me on edge. Things that I should not let bother me, that I should be over but sometimes I get caught all up in my feelings and can’t control them at all.

All of this before 10:00 am……

I said all of that to say that I had no intention of working out today! NONE! I was done. I wanted to come home and stuff my face with anything and everything I could find! Then sit on my butt wallow in self pity and despair and wait for my kids to get out of school. But my desire to feel better,  look better and work off some of this tension in my body and spirit won out, and I am so glad it did.

So I went back to the workout I love to hate…EA Active Workout for the Wii. I got my cardio and my strength training in. I still need to replace the resistance band that I broke last week but other than that it was ALL GOOD! (I am so lying working out is never all good for me, it is painful and hard and I digress…..)

20 Minute Workout (Hard)

Full body circuit training featuring cardio and toning exercises!

15 Exercises (I completed all of them today- anger was a great motivator for me today!)

Walk & Run Medium (3 times around the track)

Squats 2x

Bent Over Rows 2x

Alternating Lunges 2x

Jump Lunges 2x

Upright Rows 2x

Kick Ups (Long) – (More running but your feet are hitting your bootay)

Jump Squats

Targets & Heavy Bag (Jabs, Crossovers, and  the Heavy Bag)

Run, Knees, & Kick Ups (Running the track, high-stepping, and bootay kickers)

I am not sure what kind of timer this game has on it though. This twenty-minute workout actually took me thirty minutes in real life but the game clocked it at 24 minutes. Whatever the case, I am feeling  better and most of my angry feelings are gone.

Thanks God for an outlet, I so needed this today!


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