Sports Day! (Hard)

I did well on the Sports Day (Easy) I thought I would take it up a notch and do The Sports Day (Hard) on the EA Sports Active for the Wii. This is a workout that focuses on team sports drills and exercises that keep your heart pumping (They were not lying about the heart pumping stuff). I did not do as well as I hoped.  No lie, I was worn out after the second exercise and I never really got my stamina back completely. All that running, jumping and lunging takes a lot out of a girl. I did what I could and skipped the exercise that made my knees scream out in horror.

Today’s Workout:

Squats (Completed 1 out of 2 sets – in the Hard version that want you to really get down almost to the floor, I’m old with bad knees so I could only do one set before my knees started cussing me out)

Run (Long – 3x around the track)

Serve, Bump, Set (Volleyball – boo, I’m really bad at this one!)

Alternating Side Lunges w/ Toe Touches (Completed 1 out 2 sets)

Jump Squats (2x)

Shooting Drills (Basketball)

Alternating Lunges (Completed 1 out of 2 sets)

Jump Lunges (Skipped both sets)

Side to Side Jumps (2x)

Pitching  & Batting Drills (Baseball)

Back Court & Mid Court Drills (Tennis)

Alternating High Knee Reverse Lunges (Completed 2 out of 20 – No Bueno)

Run & Walk (Medium – So not a cool down, who puts these workouts together?)


Exercises Completed: 13 out of 18

Workout Time: 20: 15 (supposed to be a 32 minute workout)

Calories Burned: 190.7 (out of 250.3 projected calories)

Although worked up a good sweat and tried my best on the exercises I did do, this was not one of my better efforts. I am trying to workout everyday during the week, because I really don’t get time to workout by myself on the weekends. (The short people and the baby daddy are a huge distraction for me). So my body is used to getting a break in the middle of the week, and here I am trying to push myself further to get better results in the long run. Hopefully I can adjust and get back to at least trying all of the exercises listed for each day.

Time to hit the showers!



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