Upper Body Scuplt & Tone (Hard)

It’s a new week! I still have a long way to go, but I am determined to make it through this week by exercising everyday!

Calories Burned: 187.0/159.6 (Projected calories burned)

Workout Time: 28:47 (Supposed to be completed in 24:57)

Exercises Completed 17/17

ALternating Cross Knee Punches (2x)

Targets & Heavy Bags (4x)

Standing Twists

Bent Over Rows with Triceps Kickbacks (2x)

Alternating Shoulder Press (2x)

Bicep Curl with Upright Rows (2x)

Lateral Shoulder Raises (2x)

Alternating Bicep Curls (2x)

I am really tired today. Lack of sleep and what not because of sick kids will definitely take a toll on your body!  I did complete all of my exercises though with the exercises band today. (What a difference a band makes!) While I’m sure that completing the exercises without the band was helpful,  doing them with the band makes all the difference in the world. I feel it in my arms (bye-bye flabby arms) and through my back (hello beautiful back muscles!)

I am a little frustrated though. I have not seen any significant changes in the way my body looks. I have all but cut sugary drinks out of my diet, I don’t drink pop, I drink a lot of water, and I am a trying to be a better eater. (Bye bye sweet Wendy’s and McDonald’s fries, I will miss you so…sigh). I guess I just have to try harder and work out longer. I can’t wait till it is warm again so we can go back outside and add walks to the park back into my workout routine!


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