I have become a bit obsessed with my front bathroom. It is a hot stinking mess and has been for almost a year. Once I got the top layer of wallpaper off that second layer that was actually glued to the wall had me stumped. Recently (ahem Monday) I got it together and figured out how to get it off for less than 2 dollars! (Distilled White Vinegar and hot water) While I am not done yet (that mess is stubborn) I have made pretty good progress and I hope to be finished sometime next week!

So because  I have been obsessed the only things that have been getting worked out are my shoulders, arms (from scraping off wallpaper) and my last nerve (from scraping off wallpaper). I had to get back into the groove of things (I actually ran out of vinegar) and workout today! So I picked up my Wii Remote and nunchuck popped in my EA Sports Active for the Wii and got to work on the 20 Minute Workout (Easy)!

Calories Burned: 183.2/195.2 Projected Calories Burned

Workout Time: 21:50

Exercises Completed: 14 out 15

Walk & Run (Medium)

Squats (2x)

Bent Over Rows (2x)

Alternating Lunges (1 out of 2)

Upright Rows (2x)

Alternating High Knee Reverse Lunges

Kick Up (Short)

Run, Knee, & Kick Ups

Targets  & Heavy Bags

Lateral Shoulder Raises

Alternating Bicep Curls

I am not going to lie, I got a little dizzy right around the Kick Up (could be because my house smells like vinegar, who knows), but I did push myself to really get through all of the exercises. I only did one round of the alternating lunges (my knees started to pop and hurt – cause I’m old…sigh). Not to bad off a day and it is only 11:00 am. I am going to stop by Walgreen on my way home from picking up Mookie and Bear and get some more Distilled White Vinegar so I can finish getting the wallpaper off……..because I am OBSESSED!



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