Picture This…..

There is a cell phone sitting on the couch that Mookie and Bear play with. Bear picks up the phone while Mookie plays on the floor with some flash cards. Mookie sees Bear with the phone and all h-e double hockey sticks breaks out. There are now two kids running madly through the house screaming at the top of their lungs. Mookie is chasing Bear around the dining room table screaming “Mine, Mine, Mine!” while Bear runs around the table screaming, “No, I had it first, No you can’t have everything, No leave me alone, Nooooooooooo!

Bear drops the phone and takes off to find a new toy. Mookie keeps walking around the table screaming, “I need my phone, I need to talk, I need my phone.”  Bear grabs the toy vacuum cleaner and starts to play, Mookie finds his phone and starts talking on it. He then spies Bear with the new toy and the madness starts AGAIN! This time with a toy 5 times the size of the phone and 5 times heavier, and they are back to running around the table. Whatever she has, he wants and he is willing to do bodily harm to get it.

I guess it’s time for me to be the adult and step in before someone gets hurt……too late,in his effort to get to Bear and win, Mookie took a short cut across one of the couches and jumped and hit his head! (fun time people, fun times!)


Disclaimer: Now I am not saying his methods are right or acceptable in our household, but the short 2 year old has managed to get both toys from the bigger, taller and (at least I really thought) stronger 6 year old!

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