Yesterday & Today


I was feeling out of sorts and more than a little blue.

I was battling a bout laziness.

I wanted to eat a whole (and I do mean whole) Portillos chocolate cake. (thank God I am broke)

Needed to figure out how to fix my vacuum cleaner because I was tired of picking food off of the floor by hand. (thanks kiddos)

Was gearing up for the 40 days of fasting and praying (Because I am in desperate need of direction and clarity in my life)

Wanted an Instyler and this thing called furniture fix to for my sagging couch (Yes, I watch to many infomercials and yes, I am easily influenced by the sales people on the TV. No judging!)

Was tired and unfocused.


I got up with a renewed sense of purpose and a prayerful heart.

Worked out with EA Sports Active for the Wii.

Still wanted that Portillos cake but is fasting!

Is thanking God for my husband who fixed my vacuum cleaner. (Praise him!)

Still wants an Instyler and the Furniture Fix!

Is fasting and praying and thanking God for EVERYTHING he has done for me and my family so far and PRAISING him for everything he is going to do from here on out!

Is still tired but more focused!

Yesterday  was not a particularly good day, but Today was definitely better and I am grateful for it!


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