30 Day Challenge

I started the EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge today! Per the website, www.easportsactiveonline.com, you complete two days of exercise for every one day of rest. EA SPORTS Active isn’t just a workout – but a holistic plan that gives your body a chance to rest between periods of activity.  Rest allows your body to replenish energy stores and repair damaged tissues. This is supposed to help me progress faster towards my goals and I am less likely to injure myself if I include rest as part of my plan. (always a good thang!)

Calories Burned: 169

Workout Time: 18:26

Exercises Completed: 14/14

Today’s Exercises:

Walk & Run (Long 2x)

Squats (2x)

Run (Medium)

Targets (Boxing 2x)

Alternating Bicep Curls (2x)

Bent Over Rows (2x)

Alternating Side Lunges (2x)

Front Shoulder Raises

Lawd knows I should not have taken so many days off in between workouts, because now I feel the need to double  the workouts  in order to reach my goals.



P.S. Just because I felt the need does not mean I did more than one workout today….I’m just saying!

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