30 Day Challenge (Day 2)

Today’s workout focused on the upper body and toning. (which is code for lots of running and lunges). What I do like about the EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge is that they give you different exercises every day that help you  focus on different parts of your body, AND they require you to rest every two days. (Now you gotta love that!)

Calories Burned: 252.7

Workout Time: 27:14

Exercises Completed: 18 out of 18

Today’s Exercises

Alternating Standing Knee Crunches

Alternating Side Lunges w/Toe Touches (2x)

Run (Medium)

Alternating High Knee Reverse Lunges (2x)

Alternating Shoulder Press (2x)

Alternating Bicep Curls (2x)

Back Court (Tennis)

Alternating Cross Knee Punches (2x)

Kick Ups (Short Bootay Kicks)

Alternating Lunges (2x)

Run, High Knees & Kick Ups

Run, Walk (Medium)

They were not playing with me today! I made it through all of the exercises (barely breathing & not quite standing) but I did it! Now I need to go shower and pray for the strength to keep it up and wait patiently for results. I did not gain all this weight in a week,  I guess I can not lose it in a week either.

Be Blessed,


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