30 Day Challenge (Day 3)

Calories Burned: 161.3

Workout Time: 20:37

Exercises Completed: 15/16

Yesterday’s Exercises

Walk & Run (Long)

Bent Over Rows (2x)

Bicep Curls with Upright Rows (2x)

Alternating Lunges (2x)

Side to Side Jumps (2x)

Inline Skating (skipped)

Bicep Curls with Shoulder Presses (2x)

Lateral Shoulder Raises (2x)

Dance Basic

Along with my 30 day challenge I am doing the 40 days of Fasting & Praying with my church. This week is not as bad as last week. Where I was struggling to find things that would fill us up and give me enough energy/desire to work out. I am not a big vegetable eater, and I only eat beans when my mama makes them on New Years Day! I like almonds (before I would go nowhere near a nut unless it was wrapped up in a snickers bar) and I actually enjoy get through my apples and celery these days if they are covered in peanut butter! Beans & rice are still not my favorite things in the world, but if you wrap them up in a whole wheat tortilla with a little bit of lettuce you have a not so bad meal! I have found a little bit of balance, and I am so glad about it!

Continuing my journey!

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