This was supposed to be my rest day, per my 30 Day Challenge on EA Sports Active for the Wii. But the last time I took a rest day, it turned into a whole weekend of no working out, which was NO BUENO for the kid!  I wanted to work on one of my trouble spots (my abs) and keep the workout momentum going, so I decided to take it back to the Sports and Fitness channel on onDemand.

I went back to FITTV on XFINITY onDemand today and I did the Abs Only workout with Mike Chang. ( I should have known better, Mike Chang always gives me the business and leaves me begging for mercy by the end of the workout).  Mike Chang kicked my BOOTAY today (and I thought he was supposed to only work the abs, silly me) The description for this workout wants you to feel the burn as you work those abs, while the master of the mid section Mike Chang guides you through open leg crunches, reverse crunches, pendulums, front kicks and high knees.

What they fail to mention is that the pendulums make your legs, arms, bootay and abs burn and the high knees is really just running in place, and those front kicks are KILLER. This 20 minute workout, worked me OUT! The open leg crunches focused on the upper part of the abs and the sides (oh lawd) the pendulum had me rocking my legs back and forth while I balanced on my hands, and it worked my core, my legs, shoulders and arms (have mercy on me Jesus).  I thought the front kicks would be like the ones you do in kickboxing, (boy was I wrong) You kicked your leg up to reach your hand and crunched your abs all at the same time, working my abs and my legs out. (JESUS) The high knees were really me running in place and doing low knees, while breathing hard and watching the world spin around me and trying to go out of focus.

We ended this lovely workout (said dripping with sarcasm) with a cool down doing planks (REALLY, REALLY!) QUESTION: Am I supposed to be shaking while I am planking? Because my WHOLE body was shaking and trembling, and oh yeah I was doing a whole lot of sweating!

So all in all my rest day worked me over and gave me the business, so excuse me now while I go lay out in the middle of my living room floor and wait for my abs and legs to stop shaking.


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