30 Day Challenge (Day 5)

Workout 5 of 20

Calories burned: 170.3

Workout Time: 22:00

Exercises Completed: 15/15

Today’s Exercises

Alternating Standing Knee Crunches

Alternating  Side Lunges  with Toe Touches (2x)

Alternating Cross Knee Punches

Targets & Heavy Bag 1  (Right & Left Jabs and the  Heaving Bag)

Bicep Curls with Shoulder Press (2x)

Lateral Shoulder Raises (2x)

Alternating High Knee Reverse Lunges (2x)

Alternating Tricep Kickbacks (2x)

Targets & Heave Bag 5 (Right/Left Jabs, Right/Left Cross Punches & the Heavy Bag)

Run & Walk Long (Two and a half times around the track and a little, little bit of walking)

Working my way to a better life, physically and spiritually!

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