Conversation Starters

It takes less than 10 minutes to get from Aurora Christian School (my kids school) back to my house. In that short amount of time, the two short people I gave birth to manage to keep me entertained and a little confused everyday. Those two short people always have something to talk about, although I willing to admit that half the time I have no idea how these conversations get started or where they will end up. On the way home from school the other day the following conversation was had:

Jada: Momma do you know something?

Me: Yeah Jada, mommy knows a lot of things…

Jada: Did you know that someone came up with words?

Me: Ummmmm…..

Jada: Like bean and street and a lot of other words. Did you know that momma?

Me: Ok, sure….

Jason: No Jada I’m mad!

Me: Wait, what? Mookie why are u mad?

Jada: Mom is 20 a grownup number?

Me: I have no idea what that means, where did that even come from?

Jada: Is 20 a number where you become a grownup?

Me: Ummmm, yes?

Jada: If I turn 20 do I get to be a grownup?

Me: Sure you are….

Jason: I mad mommy, cause Jada did it…

Me: What did Jada do?

Jada: Momma I did not do anything!

Me: I know Jada….

Jason: No it’s my turn, she did do it!

Me: Your turn for what?  I’m so confused……yes we are home….EVERYBODY OUT, IT’S NAP TIME!

Jason: Awww man, I no wanna take a nap! (said while he is trying to strap himself back into his car seat so he does not have to go inside)

Me: Boy if you don’t get out…

Jason: I sorry mama, I get out, I no wanna take a nap!

Jada: Momma did you know….

Me: Quiet, no more question, get in the house!

(Picture the two short people stomping into the house, mad because they now have to go take naps!)


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