Truth Moment

Truth Moment: I am tired, aggravated and frustrated today. I want to give up and call it quits! I have been doing everything I am supposed to be doing (eating less & better while exercising more) and I am still not seeing any visible results. My spirits are low and I have been walking around with a headache (THIS BIG) for a couple of days. In spite of my many irritations today, I got up and exercised anyway.

Per EA Sports Active for the Wii: Today’s workout takes me back to the basics with squats, lunges,presses and rows (I’m brimming with excitement and enthusiasm people I really am!) I played a little basketball and worked on my passing and shooting. And I hit that track three (count them three) times with running, high knees and kick ups to keep my heart rate up!


Workout: 9 out of 20

Calories Burned: 201.2

Workout Time: 22:47

Exercises Completed: 18 out of 18

Today’s Exercises:

Walk & Run (Medium)

Squats (2x)

Alternating Shoulder Presses (2x)

Bent Over Rows (2x)

Passing 1 (Hitting targets with the basketball!)

Alternating Lunges (2x)

Jump Lunges (2x)

Targets & Heavy Bag (Left/Right Jab, Left/Right Cross & Heavy Bag)

Run, High Knees & Kick Ups

Squat Holds (2x -30 seconds of pure H-E- Double Hockey Sticks!)

Shooting & Passing (more basketball)

Run & Walk (Long)

Over & Out


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