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Squats, Squats & More Squats

Todays theme was Sports Drills. I went in thinking this can’t be too bad until I saw the list of exercises that I would have to complete today. (Apparently I have not learned from the other 10 workouts that EA Sports Active for the Wii is full of trickery and deceit!) I ended up doing TONS and TONS of squats. TONS I tell you!  We also worked out the arms with some boxing and tennis, and they threw in some baseball  for a little variety. (which I liked because the catching and throwing is helping me to whittle away my expansive middle.)

Summary: High Intensity

Workout 11 out of 20

Calories Burned: 217.2

Workout Time: 24:38

Exercises Completed: 17 out of 17

Todays Exercises:

Dance Intermediate 2 (More waving my hands in the air and raising the roof- always fun, but never on beat!)

Squats (3x – by the third set my legs were BURNING for real!)

Catching & Batting (2x – Baseball…loved it because it worked the middle!)

Jump Squats (3x – Like the divas on In Living Color from back in the day HATED IT with two snaps in the air!)

Kick Ups (Short -supposed to be fast, I of course went slow, got a little pep talk from the EA coach…. if I put in more effort I will get better results….REALLY?)

Bent Over Rows w/ Triceps Kickbacks (2x)

Alternating Bicep Curls (2x)

Run, High Knees, & Kick Ups

Back Court & Front Court (Tennis – worked out forehand/backhand and volleys)

Targets &  Heavy Bags ( Right/Left Jab, Right/Left Cross, Heavy Bags – My favorite – My arms are still shaking even as I type this)

Dance Basic 2 (Cool down with the lawnmower and what the game calls the Disco move…I’m telling you I would KILL on the dance floor we these moves, if it were 1970 and I had some gogo boots and metallic halter dresses!)


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