Doing More

Once again today’s focus was on lunges. (Oh, how I hate thee lunges, let me count the ways…). “Get low,” they said, “aim for maximum height on the jump lunges,” they said, “put some power behind it.” (Kick Rocks, I said!)  The squat holds, PLUS the squats with calf raises almost did a sista in! It was complete torture. I worked my way through the never-ending stars circling around my head, and I made it through to the end! When I finally hit the floor, gasping and panting for breath, Coach Mookie was there (he is on the sick & shut in list today) cheering me on. (You did it momma, good job.)  Then he gave me the thumbs up sign, sideways. (Good times people, good times!)


Workout: 13 out of 20

Calories Burned: 171.8

Workout Time: 20:08

Exercises Completed: 18 out of 18

Today‘s Exercises

Walk & Run (Medium)

Squats with Calf Raises (2x)

Alternating Shoulder Presses (2x)

Shooting (Basketball)

Alternating Lunges (2x)

Jump Lunges (2x)

Serve, Bump, Set & Block (Tennis…. I was so off today, I missed just about every Set & Block)

Run, Knees & Kick Ups

Squat Holds (2x- 20 seconds of pure pain each time)

Shooting & Passing (More basketball)

Run & Walk (Long)

I wanted to do something extra today. Something quick and easy, so I followed up my workout on the EA Sports Active for the Wii with a quick 8 minute Cardio Dance workout off of the FIT TV on Xfinity. They called it a quick cardio blast that would work my entire body in my quest for cardio fitness. Umm they did not lie. That Kendra Kemerley worked it out in those 8 minutes. She got my heart pumping and I used every inch of my body in the workout.

Now that I have sweated out my perm, I must go hit the showers.


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