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Down But Not Out!

I have been down lately, really down. Which means I have not been motivated to workout at all! Today, I am better, but not quite where I need to be, but I knew I needed to get back on the horse and workout or it would really be over for me.

The workout today focused on the upper body. They were trying to give my legs a break from all the lunges and squats I did during the last workout. Turns out that was completely unnecessary since I have not worked out since Tuesday. (I know, I know….Bad JJ) Emphasis was placed on my arms and shoulders. I also used my hips and got a little workout on my waist during the baseball and tennis exercises.


Workout: 15 out of 20

Calories Burned: 122.9

Workout Time: 14:37

Exercises Completed: 17 out of 17

Today’s Exercises

Alternating Standing Knee Crunches

Alternating Side Lunges with Toe Touches (2x)

Alternating Reverse High Knee Lunges (2x – I did really good on these my lunges are getting deeper…they don’t hurt any less but they are getting better)

Alternating Cross Knee Punches (2x)

Targets & Heavy Bag (Right/Left Jab, Right/Left Cross, Heavy Bag)

Bent Over Rows (2x)

Lateral Shoulder Raises (2x)

Front Shoulder Raises (2x)

Pitch, Catch & Bat (Baseball, I usually do really well on this exercise, today I missed EVERYTHING!)

Back Court, Front Court (Tennis)

Run, Walk (Long – I have said it before, and I will continue to say it until somebody hears me RUNNING IS NOT A COOL DOWN!)

Because I have been such a HUGE slacker this week, I followed up my 20 Day Challenge workout with a workout from FIT TV on Xfinity. There was not a lot of cardio in my first work out, so I went with Cardio Hip Hop with Kendra Kemerley (I swear this chick looks just like Macy of off MTV’s Teen Mom). She called this a feel good workout that combined hip hop moves  with an easy to follow choreographed routine. Easy to follow not so much (I am not as young as I used to be). It did get my heart rate up and worked out my mid section (my biggest trouble spot) and worked my legs as well.

See you next time!


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