18 Down, 2 To Go!

Man oh man, my EA Sports Active for the Wii fitness coach was not playing when she said today they were going to work me out hard! We did lunges, we did squats, we did jump lunges and jump squats (all one after the other….ouch!) We also worked on some sports drills to keep the ole heart rate up! And of course there was the mandatory running on the track and bootay kicks. Lawd have mercy on my lower body.

Tomorrow is my mandatory rest day. Hopefully, I will muster up the energy to do something active tomorrow to stay focused and on track.


Workout: 18 out of 20

Calories Burned: 138.2

Workout Time: 15:52

Exercises Completed: 15 out of 15

Today‘s Exercises

Dance Intermediate 1 (With thrilling moves like the lasso to get me all warmed up!)

Alternating Lunges

Standing Twists

Serve, Bump, Set & Block (Volleyball…I only got hit in the virtual head once today…its progress people!)

Jump Lunges (3x)

Lateral Shoulder Raises (2x)

Front Shoulder Raises (2x)

Run, High Knees & Kick Ups

Jump Squats

Shooting (Basketball)

Run & Walk (Medium)

Truth Moment: I did have a relapse and I went back to the scale. I am happy to say I am down THREE POUNDS! It is not a lot and I had hoped I would have been further along on the road to weight loss. But it is something, and today that makes me very happy!


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