Oooooo, Yeah

Music on the radio today is lame. (I mean reallllly lame!)  They are all singing about the same thing (how they are gonna get it, and who they gonna get it from). Or they are all rapping about the same thing (ABSOLUTELY NOTHING). I try to not to listen to the radio when the babies are in the car, because they repeat everything they hear, and I have enough problems without those two going into their Christian school singing about Birthday Sex or anything else that could get them sent home from school.

Most of the time we listen to Soul Town (old school R&B classics) and Radio Disney (JadaBears Favorite) on the satellite radio or we listen to cd’s. So I went searching for some good music to listen to in the car and I found my Love & Basketball cd. YEAH ME!  (Side Note: This is one of my FAVORITE MOVIES, and I LOVE the cd).  Anyhow I popped the cd in the other day and boy oh boy did that get the party in the car started! The short people I gave birth to have taken a liking to track number 2. (It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ Easy Rock.)

The song starts and in and JadaBear starts waving her hands in the air yelling “it takes two to make a thing go riiiiiiiiight! It takes two to make it outta sight!” While Mookie pumps his fist in the air hollering “ooooo, yeah, ooooo, yeah!”  Rob Base starts rapping and Mookie (who fancies himself a rapper) starts rapping right along with him. Moving his hands and saying a bunch of different words that make no sense, but trust he is always on beat.

We get to the part in the song where Rob Base says:

All right, now, EZ Rock
now, when I count to three
I want you to get busy
You ready now?
One, two, three, get loose now!

My babies count down with Rob Bass, and then me and my shorties get LOOSE! Shakin every body part they can while strapped into a booster or car seat! While momma does the whop and the snake at the stop light! We gotten plenty of honks and evil looks for slowing up traffic but I swear on my life that 5 minute drive to and from school are my favorite parts of the day! Seeing their faces light up and watching them boogie like nobody’s business does my heart GOOD. They definitely know how to make their mama smile!

(my babies know good music when they hear it!)

So for your listening and viewing pleasure here is our jam of the week!

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