19 Down 1 to Go!

Todays workout isolated all of my upper body muscles. We did circuits that worked the biceps, triceps, shoulders and the back. In between the circuits we did sports drills. TRUTH: I was in no way, shape or form inspired to workout today. I am tired and annoyed by the fact that my kids refuse to sleep pass 2:30 am, and insist on making sure I am awake with them. (Got to love the babies…..sigh)


Workout: 19 out of 20

Workout Time: 16:15

Exercises Completed: 16 out of 16

Today’s Exercises

Walk & Run (Medium)

Standing twists (2x)

Alternating Shoulder Presses

Bent over rows (2x)

Alternating Bicep Curls (2x)

Targets & Heavy Bags (Right/Left Jab, Left/Right Cross, Heavy Bags)

Upright Rows

Alternating Triceps Kickbacks (2x)

Back, Front & Mid Court (Tennis, missed nearly every ball)

Alternating Standing Knee Crunches

Alternating Cross Knee Punches

Run, Walk (Medium)

One more day, tomorrow has got to be better!


(P.S. This was actually written yesterday, but my son hijacked the computer last night and would not let me get near, because he was watching Dora the Explorer!)

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