Day One (Total Body 2)

Apparently I work better and harder when there is somebody yelling I mean talking me through each exercise. So I went back to the Fitness TV on Xfinity today and got myself involved with Michelle Rodgers for some personal training. (Or as personal as you can get when she is on tv and I am at home). I am on Day 1 of her Total Body Workout.  The description called this a total body functional training. An advanced workout designed to push myself to the next level of AWESOME! This is the overall conditioning challenge that I have been waiting for (there words, not mine) and they ended it with ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE! (umm, okay)

Well, I am not that strong (yet), because by minute two (while I was still in the warm up people) I was begging and I mean begging for mercy. The inchworm warm up, where you walk on your hands then do a push and walk your hands back (OMG) almost killed me! Then the actual workout started. We were doing compound exercises. Things like lunges with arm raises and balancing one leg in the air and doing one-armed fly. (LAWD HAVE MERCY ON ME!) Then we did some hip thrusts while lifting a weight over your head while laying on your back (confusing, I know) followed by mountain climbers and more push ups (The girl on the video with Michelle looked like she wanted to throw her weights at her so I knew I was not alone in my misery!)

There were some other exercises thrown in there that worked various muscles in my body that have been dormant for SEVERAL years, but my heavy breathing and the numbness in my arms and legs is currently clouding my brain.

So thanks Michelle Rodgers for my TOTAL BODY WORKOUT! I know I will be feeling this tomorrow, and the next day and more than likely the day after that. Tomorrow I am hitting up the gym for some more running on the track, and I want to try out this new machine they have there that works out your legs. I saw some women at the gym using it yesterday and they looked like they were in a lot of pain, I mean getting a good workout so I will let y’all know how that goes!

Focused, determined & maybe a wee bit crazy!


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