Working Out (An Update)

I have been consistently inconsistent these last couple weeks. Don’t get me wrong I have been working out, just not like I should have been. The short people I gave birth to were on spring break the first two weeks of April, and they were a complete distraction. I did manage to squeeze in at least three 20 minute Zumba Play workouts each week, but I know I should have been doing more.

This week has been better. I started off with a 20 minute Zumba Class on the Wii. Truth: It was a half-hearted attempt to get through the workout. I was tired and cranky. (When you get used to sleeping past 7 am, it is hard to go back to your daily routine). I did break a sweat though. (YEAH ME!) Yesterday, me the hubs and the kiddos went to the gym. (Yes, I do have a gym membership, and no I do not go as often as I should). We dropped the kids off in the play area and I headed on up to the elliptical machines. I managed to get through 50 minutes (50 MINUTES PEOPLE CUE THE APPLAUSE!) on the elliptical machine without passing out (YEAH BUDDY!), running 3.50 miles and burning 380 calories. I have not been to the gym in weeks. (Okay, okay months…no judgement) so I was quite proud of myself. Then the hubs worked out  my triceps on a couple of the machines, we did some ab work, and then we ran a lap around the track (BOOM). Yes, it was only one lap, but it was a good lap people, a really good lap!

A good time was had by all. I’m lying, I hate the gym but I am determined to get back into the groove of things, and I definitely need to add more on my workout. 20 minutes of bootay shaking is just not cutting it anymore.




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