Day Two: Chest/Biceps

Michelle Rodgers gurl you don’t play!  Anytime anyone starts the workout by saying this is going to be tough I need to take them at their word!  This was a 15 minute workout for the arms and chest and while there were not a lot of moves the ones she did do were ridiculous. My arms were RUBBER by the time I was done!

Per the description on Xfinity TV the focus for day 2  was the chest, triceps, and shoulders. A killer routine for building strength, agility and lean muscle mass. We did standing bicep curls, and then chest presses and flys while laying on my back (she said an exercise ball would make it easier but I think she was lying…nothing could have made this easier) incline push ups and regular push up. Incline bicep curls, where you lean back on an exercise ball or chair and almost squatting do bicep curls (really? who thinks of these things?)

And because quitting while I was ahead never was one of my strong points, I followed the arm workout with another workout called Lower Body Advanced with Cathy Syphers. (Apparently I am a glutton for punishment!) This was an intense 11 minute workout for the legs, bootay, thighs and all the other muscles I can’t name on the bottom half of my body. We started with a basic warm up and quickly moved into toe taps while squatting (I know right) followed by squats, squat pulses, squat jumps, turned out squats with weights and turned out squat jumps (one after the other, Cathy was not playing).  Followed by in and out plyometric jumps while holding weights. (She kept saying keep breathing, keep breathing. If you call heavy panting breathing than yeah I did that!) Then (yes people there was more) we did lunges with hammer curls, lunge pulses with a leg lifts. We then moved to the floor were we did pelvic thrusts with weights, and pelvic thrusts with one leg in the air.

I finally gave up and fell out when we were on all fours doing leg lifts for the inner thighs and my leg seized up and the top of my thigh and then my bootay cramped up when I tried to put my leg down. (I know pitiful) Lucky for me Cathy was actually at the end of the workout.

So, yeah for me for finishing my workout….with all my body parts still working!

In pain,


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