Day 3: Cardio with Michelle Rodgers

Okay, so I officially hate you Michelle Rodgers, and I soooooo want to quit you right now!  Drop you like a bad habit and bust the windows out your car!  Seriously!  She tried to kill me today.  The focus of Day 3 Total Body Workout was Cardio. But let’s be real this cardio was designed for the Bionic Woman and not normal, everyday, somewhat lazy folks like me!

Let me start by saying that YES my arms STILL hurt from the workout she gave me yesterday, and YES typing this is really hurting me. (call me a wimp if you want…. i’ll take it, but just for today).  Today we did what Michelle called Tabata Interval Training. We started out by running in place for 3 minutes to warm up, followed by some light stretches. Then we did six exercises in row with 10 seconds breaks in between each exercises followed by a 1 minute break between each set. (none of these breaks were enough, but the workout was only 20 minutes long so what can you do!)

In and Out Jumps – picture a ladder on the floor and you are jumping in and out of the slats really, really fast! (first time not so bad, but by the 3rd time I would have smacked somebody if there had been anyone in the house with me!…. just kidding but not really!)

Skater Jumps – start by standing on foot and then jumping side to side switching feet really, really fast!

Table Kicks – on the floor in a table pose, kicking your feet up really, really fast! (are you seeing the theme here!)

Fake Run – start in the running position, run up three steps touch the ground, then run back three steps and touch the ground. all this is done while you are bent over. no standing up straight all. (oh my Gawd have mercy on me!)

Squat Thrust – squat down kick your legs out, pull them back in and jump up. now she did them really really fast. me on the other hand, for every 5 she did I did 1. (yeah u read that right 1 – those (insert a TON of cuss words right here) were really hard)

Knee Shots – this is  taboe like move like where you bend to the side put your hands in the air and bring them down to meet your knee, which you are pulling up really, really fast!

All of the above exercises were done 3 times in a row really, really fast. (I know what you are thinking…Michelle is crazy…. I agree!) and now I am really, really tired!

If y’all dont here from me tomorrow it’s because I can’t move!

Pray for me!


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