Day 4: Upper Body 2

I met up today with my personal Michele Rodgers on Xfinity TV  for the Total Body Workout. Yeah, I still hate her a whole lot! But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. So I stuck it out and worked my way through another session with Michele.  Per the description the focus for Day 4 was the back, shoulders and triceps. (Also known as the trifecta of pain) This was an advanced 20 minute workout. Side effects include feeling like you have super powers.  RAWR(their words not mine….can you really hear me saying RAWR!?!). She started off by saying this was going to be a tough one, (no lie at all) and the chick working out with her started out by rolling her eyes. (not a good sign)

Today’s Workout

Dips – Squatting in front of the chair and pressing up and down (triceps)

Inverted Push ups – In the downward dog position, hands facing each other doing push ups. (complete fail on my part)

Lawnmower – Lunging to the side and leaning on your leg while pulling up with your arm in a lawnmower motion. (I’m sure there is a professional name for it but this what Michele called it….so I’m going with it!)

Shoulder Press – Push your arms up and twist your weights at the top (the other chick in the video got cross-eyed on this exercise, yeah it hurt that much)

Hammer Curls – Laying on your back doing hammer curls over your head.

Dumbbell Pull Over – Laying on your back arms straight out behind your head holding one weight and pulling it back over your head.

Dumbbell Fly – I have no idea how to describe this exercise, but trust me it hurt!

Kickbacks – Bent over pushing your arms back towards the ceiling.

Bent Over Rows Drop Set – Bent over pulling your arms up in a rowing motion. Start with a heavy weight go till your tired, get a lighter weight do 5 more.

Reverse Fly Drop Set – Leaning over in a chair and doing the fly with weights, you are supposed to start with heavy weights and when you get tired move to lighter weights but I currently only have 1 set of weights so I just kept going till they stopped.

Hardcore Diamond  Push Ups – Hands in the diamond position doing push ups. (umm no, I went half way down and could not get back up, so  they did 15, and I did 2)

Kickbacks (Burn Out)- Bent over pushing your arms back towards the ceiling, you keep doing this exercise until it hurts and you can’t do it anymore.

By the end of this workout, my arms were like rubber. Next time I do it I might be able to do a whole 3 push ups! (GO ME!)

Cheers to the freaking weekend!


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