Day 5: Legs & Abdominals

The focus for day 5 was the legs and abdominals.  Per the description you are going to need to take a break after this workout cause you are going to feel it tomorrow. (How bout I feel it right now!) This was a 25 minute advanced workout. The exercises came back to back with very few breaks in between and let me tell you she worked every muscle in my legs and did a number on my abs too.

Warm Up

Jogging in Place

Inchworm into a Plank Pose (I HATE THIS EXERCISE SO MUCH…..because I am weak and it is hard to move my own body weight back and forth like that……sigh)

Lunges  (front and side to side)


Chop – Done with a side step moving your arms from top to bottom at a diagonal twisting at the bottom.

Reverse Lunges with a Calf Raise – Not easy at all!

Dead Lift with a Calf Raise – Even harder! (3rd exercise in and this chick is sweating through her clothes…REALLY?)

Sit Ups with One Leg in the air. (I know right….. who does this?)

Crunches – Legs are bent and to the side. (You are supposed to keep your head and shoulders off of the ground, I’ll let you take a wild guess on how that went for me!)

Angle Lunges (very awkward because both feet and your hips are supposed to stay straight while your feet go at an angle…kinda impossible if you are not really, really bendy)

Skater Jumps

Curtsey Lunge with a Kick to the Side (hard) – Do a curtsey and on your way back up kick your leg out to the side. (RIDICULOUSNESS!)

Curtsey Lunges (Pulsing) (Harder)

Curtsey Lunge (Hold) (HARDEST) – 20 seconds of pure unadulterated PAIN!

Flutter Kicks


Squat Jumps

Reverse Lunge & Front Kick

Crunches with Legs and head off of the ground (and that’s when the back went out……cause I’m old)

Sit Ups with a Twist at the top (Did not do a whole lot of these because my back went out…..cause I’m old…but I tried)

This was the last day of the Total Body Workout 2 Series. I can not say I performed my best on all of the exercises, because lawd have mercy some of that stuff was really hard. What I can say is that I made it through each and every exercise (even if I only did 2 to their 20). I want to do the series again (I really do want to get better at it….I think) but Xfinity TV tends to only keep the workouts for a month a time and I found this at the end of the month. Hopefully Michele Rodgers has some more workouts on there because even though I HATE HER WITH EVERY FIBER IN MY BODY she is a BEAST and a BEAST is what this sista needs to whip her back into shape! (She actually looks like she works out so I will take the torture from her)

Have a good one!



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