Are Your Feet Supposed to Sweat?

See that picture up there?  Yeah, I started that today. Apparently I have not put myself through enough and I need MORE PAIN in my life! So my brother Nate did me a solid (he is so helpful that way!) and loaned me his P90X DVD‘s. Today was my first day, and let me just say OH MY LAWD!  For those of you who don’t know P90X is a revolutionary system of 12 life changing workouts (their words, not mine).
Day 1 was Chest & Back. This was a 52 minute workout with Tony Horton and friends, that per the description on the website emphasis two classic upper body exercises. (Push ups & Pull Ups)  I knew there were a lot of muscles back there, I did….. what I did not know was that if you actually use all of them in the same 52 minute time span then you just might be crippled with blinding pain. We did a series of 12 exercises twice, you are supposed to set a goal for yourself for each exercise and then track the number of reps and the amount of weight used for each exercise, and if you used the exercise bar or bands. The really good thing is that Tony (yeah we are on a first name basis now) did not expect you to keep up with them or match them rep for rep (thank Gawd for little miracles) or I would have never finished the workout.  But wait there was more! 
After I finished the Chest & Back workout I did the 16 minute Ab Ripper X workout to sculpt the six-pack abs of my dreams and benefit my health and physical fitness. (I took that directly off of the website. I’m not that eloquent).  Truth Moment: I did not even mean to do this workout today.  I was so tired and hot and sweaty (even my feet were sweating). I left the room to get some water and the ab workout came on.  I then felt obligated to do the workout…….so I did it! (Patting on myself on my arm, cause I can’t reach my back!)
So now for your viewing pleasure and a recap of my pain TODAY‘S WORKOUT!

Chest & Back

Push Ups (Standard):  22  reps (1st set) 10 reps (2nd set)
Wide Front Pull Ups (with Band): 20 reps (1st set) 12 reps (2nd set)
Military Push Ups: 10 reps (1st set)  7 reps (2nd set)
Reverse Grip Chin Ups (with Band): 15 reps (1st set) 10 reps (2nd set)
Wide Fly Push Up: 7 reps (1st set)  7 reps (2nd set)
Close Grip Overhead Pull Ups (with Band): 25 reps (1st set) 20 reps (2nd set)
Decline Push Ups (with chair): 3 reps (1st set) 0 reps (2nd set)
Heavy Pants (5 lbs weights): 20 reps (1st set) 12 reps (2nd set)
Diamond Push Ups: 10 reps (1st set) 10 reps (2nd set)
Lawnmowers (10 lbs weights): 20 reps (each side – 1st set) 15 reps (each side – 2nd set)
Dive Bomber Push Ups: 6 reps (1st set) 4 reps (2nd set)
Back Flys (with chair – 5 lbs weights): 5 reps (1st set) 15 reps (2nd set)

AB Ripper X Workout ( YEAH BUDDY!)

In & Outs: 12 out of 25
Bicycles: 25 out of 25
Reverse Bicycles: 15 out of 25
Crunching Frogs: 10 out of 25
Cross Leg/ Wide Leg Sit Ups: 7 out of 25
Fifer Scissors: 23 out of 25
Hip Rock & Raise: 18 out of 25
Pulse Ups (Heels to Heaven): 9 out of 25
V Up Roll  Ups Combo: 12 out of 25
Oblique V Ups: 16 out of 25 – Left Side
Oblique V Ups: 7 out of 25 – Right Side
Leg Climbers: 5 out of 12 – Right Side
Leg Climbers: 3 out of 12 – Left Side
Mason Twist: 20 out of 40
Whew, I’m tired just typing all of that!  By the time I was done I was covered in sweat from head to toe, I do believe I blacked out, but I can’t be sure.(just kidding…but not really)  Tony said he was nauseous and dizzy from going to fast on one exercises….I felt like that the WHOLE time! The good news is I will be back tomorrow, I will take Tony’s advice and I will keep coming back everyday and I will keep hitting play until I get right!  Just so you know I am currently having difficulty doing push ups the regular way, so all push ups were done on my knees and I do not have a pull up bar so all of those exercises were done with an exercise band.
Peace out homies!

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