My Armpits Hurt!

Day two of P90X was Plyometrics Training also known as Jump Training. (I don’t know who knows that but whatever I will take him at his word.)  I have come across Plyometrics before in my quest to change the shape of my body and it has never turned out well for me. Today was really no different. Tony Horton had some new friends today and they were not playing AT ALL!  This was an INTENSE 60 minute workout (just thinking about it now makes me want to break out in a sweat) for two reasons (1) IT  WAS VERY VERY HARD and (2) working out for more than 45 minutes at a time is a new concept to me. I couldn’t punk out though not after Tony introduced his team and one of the guys only had one real leg!  If he could stick it out so could I….yeah right! (every inch of my body is hurting from the tips of my hair to the toenails on my feet!)

All the exercises were done in groups of 4. The first 3 exercises were 30 seconds each and the 4th exercise was a minute long. (those were the longest minutes of my life!) After every 4th exercise we took a 30 second break (fastest seconds of my life…no lie!)  Every exercise was done twice. No weights were used in this workout and the only thing harmed today was my ego.


Warmup: 9 minutes

Jump Squats

Run Squats

Airborne Heisman

Swing Kicks Over A Chair

Squat Reach Jumps

Squat Switch Pickups

Double Airborne Heisman

Circle Run

Jump Knee Tuck

Mary Katherine Lunges

Leap Frog Squats

Twist Combo

Rock Star Hops

Gap Jumps


Military March

Run Squat 180 Jump Switch

Lateral Leap Frog Squats

Monster Tire Trucks

Hot Foot

Bonus Round! Sports Drills 1 Minute Each (YEAH ME!)

Pitch and Catch

Jump Shots

Football Hero

Cool Down 5 minutes

We did a lot of jumping and turning and leaping today and honestly, I did not make it all the way through each 30 second exercise, I would get to the 20 second mark and have to take a break. The minute long exercises put me to the test. I made it to the end out of sheer determination and tried to sweat away half of my body weight!  The bright spot, Tony and his homies were tired to and they have completed the P90x training. Wait that may not be a bright spot, if this was tough for them and it was only day two, it is only going to get harder from here on out. (Pray church, pray!)

It is only day two and it feels like I have been doing this for a month…….this is going to be a long month people….a long month!


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