Yoga is Not for Wimps!

I thought this was going to be a breeze! (Boy was I wrong) I had never done yoga before, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine it to be like this.  Much respect to ANYONE that has done yoga and has lived to see another day, because this by far was one of the hardest workouts EVAH!  With yoga you have to be flexible, and hold poses for long periods of time. I used to be flexible, way back in the day (that is one of the reasons why the hubs fell for me….just kidding mama!) This should have been called Extreme Yoga, or Yoga on Steroids, or Yoga Ain’t No Punk So Don’t Test Me! (Just a few suggestions Tony, call me we can talk!)

This was me….but not really!

Yoga X for P90x is that business for real. It is an intense workout that combines strength, balance, flexibility and breath to enhance your physique and calm your mind. (This sentence was taken straight from the website). The only thing we used today was a mat, which is a definite must have or you will slip and bust your butt (like I did) and your body (which rebelled against me today).  Tony Horton and friends spent and 1 hour and 32 minutes (has anyone noticed that these workouts keep getting longer and longer….yeah Tony thinks he is slick!) stretching, pulling and posing me in ways I did not think were possible. You have to completely clear your mind and focus on the task at hand or you will fall over (like I did a bunch of times) or hurt yourself. (which I did not do today…YEAH ME!)  It was amazing to see (cause let me tell you, I stopped and watched a lot) them hold those poses and bend and twist all over the place. I am quite sure by the end of this 90 day experiment I will be very bendy again!

I could barely do this…

We started with a 9 minute warm up followed by 42 (yes you read that right…42) different poses and stretches. I would list them all but I can not bring myself to relieve those moments again…not today….not yet!  We followed up those yoga moves with what Tony Horton called the Yoga Belly Seven, which is seven moves designed to work out your abs. (Read: More poses that stretched muscles on me that have not been used in years, except to store fat!)  Each move was more difficult than the last and I was sweating buckets by the time I was finished.  They had modified versions of every exercise (which I still had trouble doing….but it was my first time so I am not going to be to hard on myself). They also recommend that you use a yoga block (I gotta get me one of those….and a mat…I must get a mat!).

I wanna be this bendy….Mama has big dreams!

I am proud of the fact that I did not give up! I tried every exercise, and I stayed focused!  I am more flexible than I thought I was, which got me thru most of the workout, but I have a long way to go.  So two snaps and a circle for me! (That was a reference to In Living Color…I think I just dated myself!) 

Doing My Best & Forgetting the Rest (Thanks Tony for the encouraging words!)


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5 thoughts on “Yoga is Not for Wimps!

  1. Jennifer Joseph May 4, 2012 at 1:43 am Reply

    Sounds like it was hard!Keep up with your yoga training

    • hotchocolate05 May 7, 2012 at 9:00 pm Reply

      It was hard, but I am going to keep at it, hopefully it will get better sooner rather than later!

  2. Stacey Donaldson May 7, 2012 at 11:59 pm Reply

    You’re absolutely right, Yoga can be a serious workout! I practice yoga once a week and there are times when I don’t know if I can make it! At the same time I never sleep as good as when I do yoga either, I guess it’s worth it just for that!

    Great post, you’re doing big things over here I need to come back to inspire myself out of the seated position! LOL

    Visiting from the SITS Spring Fling.

    • hotchocolate05 May 8, 2012 at 2:27 am Reply

      Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciateit 🙂 I had never done yoga before and it took a lot out me…lol. I was sweating and sore by the time I was done. Not giving up though I have to do it again on Thursday.

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