Is The Warm Up Supposed To Hurt Too?

Yesterday, oh yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away…Just kidding, yesterday P90x Legs and Back tore me up something serious! I worked out with Tony Horton (of course) Dreya, Eric and Sophia.  I am mean really at some point  you need to take a break (that is what I kept yelling at the TV…they aren’t very good listeners!)

This was 60 minutes of squatting and lunging and pulling  and grunting and crying (those last two were only done by me!) for a workout like no other. (this description was pulled from the website.. all except for the crying and what not).  I am going to make it through this next months with prayer and prayer and more prayer……. you get the point!

Working My Legs & My Back!

9 minute warmup ( I was sweating hard after these 9 minutes)

Balance Lunges with Chair: 25 each side

Calf Raise Squats: 5 lbs, 25 reps

Reverse Grip Chin Up: Bands, 15 Reps

Super Skaters: 25 each side

Wall Squats: 90 sec (OH FOR THE LOVE OF GAWD!)

Wide Front Pull Ups: Band, 15 reps

Step Back Lunges: 5 lbs, 15 each side

Alternating Side Lunges: 5 lbs, 24 reps

Close Grip Overhead Pull Ups: Band, 12 reps

Single Leg Wall Squat: 90 sec (Yeah that did not happen for this chick!)

Dead Lift Squats: 20 each side

Switch Grip Pull Ups: Bands, 16 reps

3 Way Lunges: 5 each side (Really? Do you what me to make to the end of the week?…..I guess not!)

Sneaky Lunges: 10 out of 20 (these (insert curse word here!) are done on your tip toes! KILLER)

Reverse Grip Chin Ups: Bands, 12 reps

Chair Salutations: 30 sec, 2x

Toe Roll Iso Lunge: 15/20 reps for each side

Wide Front Pull Ups: Bands, 12 reps

Groucho Walk: 45 sec (Walking while squatting, BIG FUN people BIG FUN!)

Calf Raises: 15 Slow 10 Fast (Toes pointing out, Toes pointing front, Toes pointing in)

Overhead Close Grip Pull Ups: Bands, 10 reps

80/20 Siebar Speed Squats: 30 reps each side

Switch Grip Pull Ups: Bands, 15 reps

4 Minute Cool Down

Whoooooo Saaaaaaaa!


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