The Difference Between Boys & Girls (Co-Sleeping)

I co-slept with both of my kids (no judgment people… to each his own). It was just easier for my to have them with me when  I needed to nurse, and I was too much of a softie to put them out of the bed once they stopped nursing. (Much to the dismay of the hubs.) After I stopped nursing (I nursed both kids up until their first birthday) I did not want to be up all night listening to them scream because they had to sleep in their crib. (lazy I know….but whatever that is beside the point).

Jada was easy, soooo easy!  We moved when Jada was 2 and I was pregnant with Jason. We slept on the pull out couch until our beds got here. I told JadaBear that once the new baby came she would have to sleep in her own bed. She has always been independent and ready to try new things so she was gung-ho. All she needed was a bed, some Hello Kitty stuffed animals and her tv and she was good to go. Her granddaddy gave her a bed, her daddy hooked her up with a tv, and her grandmamma showered her with Hello Kitty stuffed animals, and she has never looked back.

Now Mookie was a whole different story. He hated the crib, I mean hated it. I tried twice to get him to sleep in his own bed after I stopped nursing. Those were the worst hours of my life. The screaming and yelling NEVER STOPPED, and would wake up everyone in the house!  I could not take it so I quit trying. There were people in my life saying I needed to cut the ties and let him scream it out, but yeah I ignored that. I was tired enough without adding screaming baby who never slept to the list.  I had been telling Mookie for a year now that he needed to get out of mommy and daddy’s bed because he was a big boy.  If he could have laughed in my face, he would have!  He was not having any of it!  Let him tell it he was going to sleep with mommy FOREVER!

Well , lo and behold that has all changed. Yeah it took me 3 years and 12 days but the co-sleeper has left the building (let the saints say AMEN!), and all it took was a pillow. (yeah u read that right a stinking PILLOW got the boy out the bed).  Last Friday me and Mooks went to Walmart with my mom and she bought some pillows for the kids.  On Monday (after I put a pillowcase on the pillow, cause he said it was yucky without one) he told me he was going nite-nite and he went to bed. His own bed, in his own room, by himself, like a big boy!  No crying, and no fussing.  Now he does get up a few times a night saying he needs help, that he has suddenly gone blind and he can’t see (he is very creative for 3), or that his leg hurts and he needs me to rub his belly (I don’t know how the 2 are related but okay). But other than that nothing. NADA!

And all it took was a PILLOW from Walmart! (wish I would have known this a year ago!)

Peace out homies!


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