The Difference Between Boys & Girls (Praying)

Every morning on the way to school, I pray with my kids. I give them each an opportunity to pray and then I close before we get to school.  Since there is no correct way to pray, I let them speak from the heart with very little guidance.  (Yeah, that is not really going to work anymore.) I don’t want to stop them from expressing themselves, but I think I need to offer them some guidelines and perhaps a time limit on each prayer. (Nothing is ever easy with these two!)

Now Jada loves to pray, I mean LOVES to pray. She is eloquent, long-winded and very specific about what and who she is praying for.  She prays for everybody and their mama. (and their mama’s mama!)  Plus the birds and the bees, the trees and the grass so that it can grow longer, the sky so that it can stay blue, and for the people walking on the street, for the car driving in the other direction, for the different colors in the rainbow, and so on and so forth and, I think you get the picture!  She is never-ending people, never-ending.  The trip from our house to the school is 7 minutes at the most, and sometimes I have to cut in and tell her to wrap it up, which essentially throws her off of her game, then she loses her place and has to start ALL THE WAY OVER from the beginning. The whole time Jada is praying her brother is conveniently humming or yelling (that is his favorite) and trying to pray over her, which in turn cause her to fuss and lose her place and have to start ALL OVER AGAIN(While I bang my head against the headrest and pray for the ride to end!)

Jason on the other hand is more of a bargaining type of prayer! He prays for his special treat and not to get his bear moved cause then he won’t get his special treat, and then he prays that he does not yell, roll on the floor, scream or run his hand down the wall at school (all things he has done or will do at school) because if any of that happens he won’t get his special treat. Then he prays that his friends won’t get him in trouble because…..he won’t get his special treat. And he has to pray for his birthday, EVERY SINGLE DAY. He prays for his birthday party, that he will get presents, and that Grandma won’t throw out his birthday cake. (His birthday was in April people, and yes he is still praying for it) and he ends every prayer with, Ok God you hear me? Alright God let’s have a good day! (While I bang my head against the headrest and pray for the ride to end!)

I would not make it without these two, they crack me up!

Peace out homies, I’m gonna go pray!


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One thought on “The Difference Between Boys & Girls (Praying)

  1. Miss Rambler May 17, 2012 at 3:48 am Reply

    lolz adorably true. 😉

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