P90X – Week 3 Review

So I completed my 3rd week of P90x last Saturday. (Patting myself on the back….cause I made it to week 4!)  I thought it was supposed to get easier the further along I got and the more work I did.  (Ummm, I am waiting for the easy.)  When I started I could barely do a push up. Now three weeks in, my push up are a little deeper and I don’t have to do all of them on my knees. (Which is a good thing)  But with the deeper push up, and more effort on my part comes a whole lot more pain!  (NO PAIN NO GAIN……that is what I keep telling myself…over and over and over again!)

Monday: Chest & Back (60 minutes)


During  the first set Tony encourages you (meaning me) to take my time with the exercises and not wear myself out because you have to do it all over again in the 2nd set, where Tony expected me to BRING IT! Yeah, well I brought as much as I could and I completed all 24 exercises to the best of my ability. I used 5 lbs weights and a chair when needed. All push ups were done on my knees and all pull up exercises were done with an exercise band while sitting down.  I  am happy to say that was able to go deeper into my push up (which of course actually made them harder) so my arms were straight rubber after this workout!

Tuesday: Plyometerics (60 minutes)


This workout right here….oh baby….. it is a very intense workout that never, ever gets an easier. The goal is to jump as high as you can (does 1/2 an inch off of the ground count?) and still land lightly on your feet. (I still sound like a herd of elephants running through the house, but I am working on it!)  I am always soaking wet by the end of this workout (which is a good thing), and tired but I am actually glad that I worked out when I am done (Crazy huh).  I completed 5 sets, each set had 4 exercises. The firsts 3 exercises were 30 seconds each, and every 4th exercise was 1 minute long. Each set was completed twice. I also made it thru completed the bonus round which consisted of 3 exercise which were 1 minute each.  All of the exercises in the bonus round were completed twice as well.

Wednesday: Shoulders & Arms (60 minutes)


One of the biggest problems I have while working out is breathing correctly. When it gets hard I tend to hold my breath and strain, which apparently is WRONG!  I have heard that it makes you a little dizzy and you can quite possibly pass out. (That is what I have heard…..I refuse to admit that there is a possibility that I passed out because I was not breathing correctly!)  I completed 4 sets of 3 workouts for the shoulders, biceps and triceps. Each exercise was completed twice, and after every 3rd workout there was a 30 second ballistic stretch. I also completed a bonus round of exercises at the end. I used a 5 lbs weight (I really need to get some heavier weights!).

Thursday: Yoga (1 hour & 32 minutes)

Tip Of The Day: I don’t remember I was in too much pain!

Yoga is hard….I mean really hard and I was in so much pain and so tired from the 3 previous workouts that I only completed the first 30 minutes of the Yoga workout last week. I tried but every muscle in my body was screaming at me. SO I did what I could and I came back to it on Monday and completed the rest of the workout.  This is all about flexibility and strength (upper and lower body). You feel EVERY SINGLE MOVE in EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY!   I am determined to get the hang of Yoga DETERMINED PEOPLE! I know it will be beneficial for me in the long run.

Friday: Legs & Back (60 minutes)


There is no way on God‘s green earth that I can keep up with Tony Horton and his crew during these workouts. He knows that so he stressed during the workout that is was better to have good form and do the exercise correctly than to try to bust out as many reps as you can, and keep up with them. Turns out that is actually a good idea. (Go figure!)   Doing the exercise correctly actually works you out harder and you get more out of the workout. (Amazing what can happen when you actually listen….I am so smart sometimes). I completed 23 exercises. All of the pull up exercises were done with a band while I was sitting on the floor and I used 5 lbs weights and a chair when needed.

Saturday: Cardio X (45 minutes)

This is a mix of Yoga (strength and agility), Kenpo X (karate/defense moves), Plyometerics (moves like a cat) and Core (pain oh the pain) work. Oh my LAWD!  We did 4 to 5 exercises for each segment, which does not seem like a lot, but trust me it really is. The Yoga moves ALL involve plank exercises and balance (which I have none of). The Kenpo X exercises were combination moves including kicking and punching continuously. Plyometerics was a lot of jumping and kicking over a chair, and the Core exercises, lets just say he gave me the BUSINESS at the end there. The superman/banana move (where you start on your stomach(the superman) and roll over on to your back (into the banana) without using your hands or your legs) just about did me in. How those people were able to do it is beyond me! I was so tired by the end of this workout……I do believe I just laid on the floor in pain while they did the cool down. (then the hubs poured water on me to get me back on my feet…cause he is so helpful that way!)

So all in all it was a good workout week for me. Now I just need to get my eating portions under control and I will be set. (Apparently eating to much of the right stuff is not a good idea either).

Have a good one!


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